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PATENTED goBHB KETO POWDER helps to maintain INSTANT ketosis level, bringing more energy and better results

PROVEN WEIGHT LOSS: combined with exercise to increase metabolism, suppress appetite, burn fat, and lower blood sugar

MENTAL FOCUS AND CLARITY: unique goBHB formula provides up to 60% of energy for entire body, and particularly it is best-suited to provide energy to the brain.

How incorporate KETO TRUST goBHB in your meal plan:

1) Take Keto Trust drink first thing in the morning instead of breakfast to help elevating your ketones level up;
2) And/or in between your meals in order to kill cravings and energy crashes;
3) And/or before/during workouts to supplement them with readily available energy.

HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Perfotek goBHB™ salts consist of beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), sodium, potassium and high levels of electrolytes. goBHB formula promotes natural and clean energy!
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